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Initial conversation

A course by TriBikeRunCoach starts with a consultation with your coach, in order to adjust your training and answer any questions you may have. Prior to the conversation you are asked to fill out a questionnaire with your present physical status, your ambitions etc.


The training is adjusted according to your ambitions and possibilities.


Your future training is adjusted and updated online through Trainingpeaks. We are tracking your shape and tiredness throughout the whole season, to make sure that you, during the course, do not train too hard as well as the opposite. We want to make sure you improve all the time. All TriBikeRunCoach courses include access to Trainingpeaks. 


Quality vs quantity


Your training will include the right amount of intensity to get the most out of the time you use for training. Moreover, to reach the biggest progress regarding your shape. This will reduce the hours spent, and will help you to maintain a healthy balance in work, life and job.


Instructions regarding race


To achieve the ideal race, is not only about your physical shape. You will receive guidance regarding nutrition and performance, to make sure that your goal will be realized on the day of the race.

Coach Procedure

TriBikeRun - Bronze


To ensure the correct beginning of your training course; 3, 5, 10 km. to ½ marathon and ¼ ironman.

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TriBikeRun - Gold

Realization of half- and full marathons, half Ironman and Ironman competitions. To optimize performance and time etc.

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