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Eat to Perform


Eat to Perform by Louise Ljungberg addresses both athletes within the field of elite sports, but also the regular exerciser. It is for you, who wishes nutritional advice regarding your training, but also in connection with competitions, so you are able to perform at your best and get the most out of your training. 


The diet is a very important part of your training. A proper diet for exactly you and the exercise you are doing, will easily give you minimum 10-20% more out of your training. You will achieve better and quicker recovery, less risk of injury as well as being able to cope with higher level of training. The opposite could also happen, where the composition and timing of the diet may well become an important component in achieving the desired results.

It depends, what is best for the individual. Therefore, Eat to Perform offers individual guidance and plan of your diet.

Contact: Louise Ljungberg: +4561333931

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