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Tribikerun - Silver


Sports: Running, cycling, duathlon  and triathlon.

The client: The elite athlete, age-group athletes and people, who are ambitious regarding their training.

The goal: To be able to complete half- and full marathon, half- and full Ironman competitions. Moreover, a duathlon and Powerman. To optimize ones performance, time etc.

Tribikeruncoach – Silver. With the package offered you will receive a higher frequency when it comes to updating your training. In this way, alignment with the current shape is ensured. The training is based on the same philosophy, which applies to all our programs, namely that all training has to be based on feed-back from the previous training.

TrainingPeaks Premium Athlete Edition included


Start-Up Interview/Consultation                                           - Included

Follow up consultation                                                          - Included

Goal Planning - Individualized Plan Tailored to your Needs     - Included

Communication Frequency                                          - 1 call and 4 e-mails per month

Training Schedules Posted                                                    - Monthly

Training Schedule Updates                                                   - 1 per month

Pre-race and post-race analyses                                          - Included

pre-race HR/Power/GPS File Review                                     - Weekly

WKO 4 Analyse                                                                   - Included

Free participation I Workshop                                              - Included




Plus $99 start-up



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