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Season building up

Following a conversation regarding your goals, your training has begun. The plan of your training is based on a yearly plan.

Every athlete will be connected to Trainingpeaks. Here you can always get an overview of your yearly plan, the coming work-outs as well as follow your training. As coach, it gives me a fantastic indication of each athlete, and it is possible for me to follow your development and progress in every detail.

At the same time it will give you an impression of your own training and development. The program is also used as before and after training/competition comments and analysis.

The program is built on the main principals; work, overload and super compensation – adaptation. This can be over a course of 3-4, 4-6 weeks period, with 2-3 weeks, where the pressure is higher, followed by a week with super compensation. When the volume is decreased significantly, the body will strengthen and improve. This sequence needs to be accepted in order to avoid training too hard. However, the choice of pressure in the sequence, is determined by the individual athlete´s experience and every-day.

I will prepare all the training, the periods and the progress to ensure, that you will get the ideal process for your training.  

We will keep an eye on you

100 % individual training

When you choose a course by TriBikeRunCoach you will receive an individually adapted training program, which is adjusted to exactly your current level and your daily routine.

You will receive an individually designed program:

  • A start-up meeting with your personal coach (duration, 60 minutes).

  • A personal training program in the online universe of Trainingpeaks (web + app). The training program is planned according to the days it is possible for you to work out, your time, motivation, workout background and your goals. The first program is based on the dialogue at the start-up meeting, together with detailed data sheets, which are to be filled out before the first conversation.

  • The program is based on the amount of hours one has available, from the current level.

  • The program is based on individual goals and ambitions; whether it is competitions or simply just to get in a better shape.

  • The programs are scientifically grounded, rather quality than quantity. It is taken into account that it has to be inspiring and fun.

  • Your training progress based on training tests and race tests. The level of the exercises will be based on these tests.

  • Even though the programs are very structured, they are still very flexible.

  • One can get feedback on a daily basis or as often as desired.

  • It is possible to get advice concerning competition and TriBikeRunCoach co-operates with Eat to Perform, who creates detailed daily diet plans and does diet analyses.

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