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Tribikerun - Bronze


Sports: cycling, running, triathlon, duathlon, rowing.

The client: The beginner, age-group athletes.

Goal: To ensure the correct start of the course of the training; 3, 5, 10 km to ½ marathon, ¼ ironman. Duathlon competitions.

Tribikeruncoach 1 offers you the right foundation to build up your body. The needs you will have for creating an understanding of the process in your activity will be met.

The program is intended for the athlete, who wishes to have a fundamental structure on his/her training, as well as increasing his/her understanding of the relation between the body and the training one does. This structure is the foundation for all good training and improvement of the shape.

Description of Tribikeruncoach – Bronze:

TrainingPeaks Premium Athlete Edition                                 - Included

Start-Up Interview/Consultation                                           - Included

Follow up consultation                                                         - None

Goal Planning                                                                       - Included

Individualized Plan Tailored to your Needs                            - Included

Communication Frequency                                                 - 2 e-mails per month

Training Schedules Posted                                                   - Monthly

Training Schedule Updates                                                  - 1 per month

Pre-race and post-race analyses                                          - Add. pricing

HR/Power/GPS File Review                                                   - Weekly

WKO 4 Analyse                                                                   - None

Free participation I Workshop                                              - Add. Pricing



Plus $99 start-up

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