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Focus and goal setting

The metal part and preparation? What does it means for my athletes and me.

All people are driven or motivated by something towards our goals. In this case for the race season so how do I as coach deals with these terms. Do I have to push the athletes or tell them to step back a little in the training? Often I need to hold them back especially in training. The most common for most athletes not only mine but general all athletes included myself. If often driven by more and more, either volume in training and intensity. In addition, in this world of today with all the social media there are a lot of posting of workouts and there will always be someone out there who are training more or longer duration. Nevertheless, do we need to care?

No, care about yourself and your own goals and races. Don’t be that athlete who are made of what myth says and ex. You have to do triple day run, or mega bike blocks with 250 k a day. Be wise and adjust towards own daily life and family obligation.

Most athletes are often doing slow runs a little too hard, or drive the intensity just a little higher than scheduled. Here is where the coach job begins. I will rather hold back a little and look often at the subject side of training. I really likes numbers and evidence, but to ask how are you doing (sounds like a tv-show; 0) has a lot of value to me. It gives the person behind the numbers the possibility to speak out and tell how the mind and body is at this moment. This is where the true coaching is lying.

Race day:

On raceday my athletes gets a race plan with power numbers, good advice, racecourses etc. However, I also like the athletes to think through wards the race in the weeks before. Visualize about the day have a plan for mechanical problems, nutrition and unexpected incidents both good and bad so they have a clear mind about how to react and how they will get back on track on the race day.

Here we also thank about the fear of the race ex. What if I don’t for fill my goals? Am I just a failure then?

I always like to see the thing in a wider perspective and we are having A, B and C goals on our journey. It gives us the possibility to find the motivation even if something falls apart in our optimal race plan.

In addition, it is advisable to stay positive and have a positive mind setting before and under the events. Look in the mirror and have a positive self-speaking. Moreover, what those this means for you. I my later years I had used a lot of my mind to think about “how” fast I used to be and getting demotivated about my current shape. I also always think I should be lighter in weight. This has made me demotivated before raceday and I have set my goals a little low and going in to the event in my own mind glad just to have a good day and get through the day. Maybe for me it would had results in better race performance if I had even more focus on the race itself, the course, my race plan etc. However, I think after all, my performance was saved by my pride and by I will not get a DNF. I just remember a quote my old man always said. If you do your best, there are nothing more you can do.

Have a great raceday

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